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This past month in New Hampshire, she had relieved her sexual tensions-discreetly. Her eyes homed in on Alex’s lovely big shaft, so deliciously outlined by the thin cotton shorts. Alex, as all the local laborers, was loyal to Dan her husband and he had a hard-on for her. Could she trust him to keep his mouth shut? It was a question she had asked herself many times before. She needed a lover here. All those nights alone… What would happen if Alex spoke of it and Dan did in some way find out?

Her sexual encounters of the last month had reawakened her appetites, rekindled her sexual needs. One more blissful time before she reached camp? Daring, Meg kicked off her shoes and twisted in the seat, putting her left foot on Alex’s muscular leg. She was being so nasty, tempting her husband’s driver like this. Meg began to moan, and work her hips. She stared hungrily at the huge love swelling between Alex’s legs. Spreading her knees wider apart, Meg pulled her panty crotch aside, so Alex could see her touch herself….. Download the complete eBook FREE today.

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